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Dale, 61 yrs. Alcohol, anxiety

This is my second time doing the protocol. This time around I did the "Enlightenment" blend, and am blown away by the results. Apparently, I had some deep-seated angst towards someone I care for dearly. During one of our interactions I spoke my mind like I never have before, but I did it calmly and from the heart. This person got up and walked away for me. I was thinking to myself oh man now I've really done it! Four hours later, he came back and said "You are absolutely right, and I hope you will forgive me..." And we also clear the air about a few other things that both of us were compartmentalizing and burying. We are getting along better than ever! I also embarked on a solo act that I have been reluctant to try, well, forever. It wasn't even much effort - I just dove into something I've been avoiding for God knows how many years, and I've opened a whole new world of opportunity for myself musically. I think the most remarkable thing is that there is absolutely zero side effects both times I've done the different protocols.

Rhoda M

With Kristins help, I was able to better understand the benefit of breath work, meditation, mindset, and becoming curious of my feelings and emotions so that I was able to know myself better. By applying a micro dosing protocol to my healing, I was able to process so much of my past in only 3 months time. In my 41 years of life I have used all types of different modalities to try to get better, but micro dosing was unlike anything I had ever done to get myself back to homeostasis. Learning to go inward, to really be with myself, to allow space and grace for me and my thoughts allowed me to learn to be present and to soak in what really is as opposed to the thoughts my mind was creating. I was able to learn how to rewire my brain, to stop feeding off the chemistry that had been causing my pain, and to understand how much control I have over my life. Life is no longer a dark hole of emptiness where all I used to live for was trying to just get through the day so that I could get back to bed to sleep to find peace. Now, life is part of me. It’s within me. I understand my potential and have a love for myself that I’ve never known. I have faith in this universe and see the connections to everyone and everything. I’m so grateful for Kristin’s knowledge and her ability to help those willing to do the work heal like never before. Thank you Kristin. 🙏🙏🙏

Mark M - Army Vet

Love the flow state , being a combat vet and dealing with my third trip with cancer,this time a rare blood cancer where my body doesn't reproduce red blood cell and sometimes makes it hard for me to breathe My guardian Angel guided me to mycologypschology and micro dosing and now I work my farm and have the energy to work on my big Goofy boat .I'll never be able to thank you enough for caring so much about my well being and finally a peaceful state of mind

Annie Age 33
Paranoia, Anxiety, Depression

Before I decided to work with Kristin, I had found myself seeing life through the darkest filter I’ve ever experienced. I have lived with depression and anxiety for the majority of my adult life and finally reached my breaking point. If at that point I hadn’t decided to do something drastic then I would soon completely lose myself and what sanity I had left. Life had thrown me a curve ball and I needed someone to help guide me along the path to healing.

AL, 37, entrepreneur, depression, anxiety, negative patterns

The most profound experience of my life - and coming from a life already filled with the incredible highest of highs to lowest dichotomy. I could fill a book with the twists the turns and breakthroughs through ceilings that I previously never knew existed. My mind is never as before. I am freer from the depths of my soul. I am more awakened and the world is so bright after a lifetime of suffering shame, trauma, anxiety and depression. I truly feel a sense of profound consciousness and an awareness like my brain is so much more interconnected and present in the here and now. It has broadened my range in every regard. Dive in fellow seekers. Once we realize through free falling - there’s really no bottom, your mind is truly limitless.

SV, female 35, dance teacher.
Stress, anxiety

I notice a big change in my mood, I am less stressed and much more playful, relaxed, creative and flowing, I laugh easily and connect better with my partner. I notice how often I was eating due to anxiety and now I feel that my body takes what it needs and I eat healthier. I dropped out my excessive perfectionism. I noticed that my usual hair loss, connected to stress stopped during the treatment

RC, male 67, marine, Vietnam vet PTSD and cannabis addiction

I feel less stress and anxiety after my triple bypass surgery. It has also helped my wife to support me during the recovery process

Kenna, female, 34, Writer,
Depression, Anxiety

My experience with microdosing this time around has been very positive. I’ve tried a handful of the blends, and the hormonal one is definitely my favorite. Overall, I feel like this one puts me into my heart, giving me more space around patterned negative thoughts and feelings. It’s also been easier to stay organized and focused, which helps me with everything from work to keeping my house clean. I feel both in my body and connected to a source of higher wisdom, and while many people use microdosing for productivity, I love it for turning inwards, reading, taking baths, and meditating. I would recommend this to anyone who is struggling with any kind of depression or anxiety for whatever reason! I am a big believer in the cosmic mycelium wisdom.

HML, female 31, heroin and cannabis addiction after 2 weeks of treatment

"I have been feeling really good, I feel stable with my mental health, my craving for other substances has decreased and not something I desire anymore, I feel very calm, had a few emotional moments but they have been a relief".

CS, female 27, designer. Anxiety, depression and addiction to ketamine

I was avoiding many of my emotions and problems by using dissociative drugs. With macrodosing, I experienced my emotions and was able to address them, I feel more motivated and connected to my team at work. I don't experience as much fatigue during the day as usual. I feel back in touch with myself and my reality

PI, male 28, professional athlete and

trainer for Red Bull Extreme Athletes

"I feel more focused and present during training, my mental and physical performance is notably superior. I feel joyful, in peace, connected to nature, and my meditation practice is deeper. I want to share it with everyone!".

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