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Healing and Integration

Two Ways To Proceed 

1-Browse through our blends. If you feel clear on which blend is right for you, simply fill out our blend order form. But if the choice feels unclear, not to worry! 

2-Sign up for a complimentary consultation. We believe integration is an essential part of healing. A complimentary consultation is offered to every client with the option to continue working with your practitioner of choice to co-pilot your healing journey. Complete our consultation questionnaire  to get started. You will then be given a link to select a practitioner and book a time that works best for you.

You are the medicine! (We believe in the power of this healing and we know you will too!) Your journey awaits!

What makes Mycology Psychology so unique?              

“They have the best blends and the best people!”


Our People: Mycology Psychology’s therapeutic practitioners support you every step of the way and bring their own incredible array of skills and healing modalities to your process.


Our Blends: Our medical-grade strains are unlike anything that is available in the larger marketplace. Our mushrooms are grown slowly and carefully by a master grower (mycologist.) The controlled setting that we use optimizes the mushroom's purity, strength, and quality - using only the body or "fruit" of the fungi and not the mycelium. The fruit body is significantly more potent than the mycelium. Not only that, but the mycelium contains bacteria that the fruit body does not have. We refuse to use this filler, making our blends potent, clean, and genuinely medicinal.                                                       

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