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Linda Fuller C-IAYT

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Linda Fuller is a multi-faceted Integrative Health Practitioner and a gifted Yoga Therapist with a background in therapeutic art and yoga philosophy which brought her on her own journey of healing and transformation of body, heart and spirit. Her area of expertise lies in somatic and energy work, breathwork, movement, integrative healthcare and more recently with psychedelic facilitation and integration work.  Linda is a compassionate, dedicated practitioner with a love for humanity and the desire to alleviate human suffering on both an emotional and physical level. She also enhances her work with micro-dosing plant medicine as a tool to advance human consciousness as well as for personal growth, spiritual evolution and healing past traumas.


Linda works with youth, adults, couples and groups in various settings addressing life transitions, chronic illness and somatic complaints, stress management, sleep disorders, trauma release and holistic health.


Linda is also an avid lover of the arts, with a Masters in art history and sees the arts as an expression of the soul.


Linda practices in the New York area and remotely.

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