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Joe Clements

Trauma-Informed Mindfulness Practitioner

Joe Clements

Joe believes that “true” self discovery is the foundation for recovery. Wherever we are on our journey–lapsing on behaviors, weaning off substances, exploring harm reduction, using plant medicine or we have years in sobriety/abstinence and are feeling stuck–Joe believes that we can find peace and ease using mindfulness and emotional awareness techniques. Even while walking through the shitstorms of our lives we can create a more fruitful path and a true sense of wellbeing.

Trained in Trauma-Informed Somatic Experiencing, Mindfulness, and Emotional Awareness, Joe learned to trust these practices and applied them to his personal healing journey. He found they are foundational tools that can help identify, hold, and heal the underlying wounds, reactions, and patterns that lead to addiction and suffering. These tools pave a path to “true” self-discovery and recovery!

He’s dedicated his life to teaching mindfulness to people from all walks of life. Joe believes the simple–yet transformative–practice of present-time awareness, emotional curiosity, and the practical application that can assist anyone in radically improving their lives.

He also thinks that mindfulness may start on a meditation cushion but focuses his teachings on how these skills can be applied to daily life so we may become more resilient, compassionate, and authentic human beings.

Joe has spent the last 12 years practicing and studying the Tharaveden Buddhist tradition and trained under Vinny Ferraro and Joanna Harper to facilitate and lead mindfulness meditation groups.

He began his path teaching at various Juvenile hall facilities in the Bay Area through The Mind Body Awareness organization. He’s continued self-discovery through training with David A. Treleaven and the Trauma Informed mindfulness program. He recently completed the ISITTA – Innate Somatic Intelligence Transformative Therapeutic Alliance program with Manuela Reeds.

Joe currently offers weekly mindfulness and emotional awareness classes in various drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers, as well as a weekly drop-in meditation group in Santa Cruz, CA. He’s spent the last six years working 1:1 with people, supporting and guiding them to their own inner strengths and healing.

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