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Julia Reyder

Integration therapist

Julia Reyder

Julia Reyder is a trauma-informed and neurodivergent affirming Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) and Holistic Mental Health Coach Provider. Aside from her national BCBA certification, her credentials include being an IPI Certified Psychedelic-Assisted-Therapy Practitioner and a holistic nutritionist. Julia has been in the mental health space for over a decade with a practice that centers around facilitated healing by reparenting and inner child healing, shadow work, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Cognitive approaches, and transpersonal psychology for soulful healing and activation. 

In sessions there is an emphasis on Self identity work and communication to facilitate your own healing and creating a safe environment to grow. A holistic and intuitive physical healing practice (supplementation and diet support) can be added on for additional support.  Julia focuses on providing mind-body-soul healing to guide those suffering with generalized and specific trauma and anxiety, childhood wounding, relationship and familial discord, as well as integrative work with alternative medicines to their healing potential.

Originally from Belarus, Julia and her family immigrated to the United States as refugees in the 90’s and settled in Los Angeles, CA. She believes that everyone has the power and ability to heal themselves. Being a facilitator to that healing (mentally, emotional, spiritually, physically) is her greatest honor. 

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