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Ryan Rickert, MA

Healing & Integration Guide

Ryan Rickert, MA

In his work as a practitioner, Ryan brings more than two decades of experience working in mental health and social services. He holds degrees in Social Work, Organizational Psychology and post-graduate education in Spiritual Psychology. He is a seasoned trainer, facilitator, coach and learning design professional. 

A fervent advocate of self-healing and personal evolution, Ryan started his own journey in his early twenties.Through staying committed to his own work and supporting others with theirs, Ryan knows from experience that with each new level of awareness and insight we achieve, our lives shift into greater alignment with who we know ourselves to be - our truest and most authentic self. And as we model what this looks like for those around us, we give them permission to do the same with the natural consequence being that our own healing expands to our families, our communities, and our planet. It’s from this context that Ryan has made it his life’s work to support others on their journeys of healing and transformation. 

In Ryan’s practice with individuals and groups, his focus is on providing a deep level of safety, heart-centered listening and reflection to create a container for clients to explore their life and experiences from a place of grace, compassion and objectivity. As he partners with clients to explore their life stories, he gently supports them to identify the parts within that need healing, recognize and release the thought and behavior patterns that no longer serve them, uncover the spiritual lessons being offered, and bring clarity to steps they can take to move forward on their path to greater balance, wholeness, joy and aliveness. 

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