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Stephanie Miller, MA, LPC

Mindfulness-Based Integration Coach

Stephanie Miller, MA, LPC

Stephanie Miller works as a mindfulness-based psychotherapist and meditation teacher with a deep commitment for empowering clients to heal themselves.

She has a private practice and leads retreats in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. Her mindfulness-based and client-centered approach blends Western psychology and Eastern spiritual practices. She allows your own inner intelligence combined with her personal and professional experience to open your life to deep healing. Stephanie is an advocate for plant medicine, and the integration necessary to help make meaning of expanded states of consciousness.

Stephanie began her career following a traditional corporate path, which lead her to a work assignment in India. During this time, she was introduced to meditation and her journey to self-discovery began. Upon returning home, she suffered from a severe injury that left her unable to walk for months. Aware of the potential dependency on prescription pills, she turned inward and cultivated mindfulness tools for working through the pain.

Shortly after recovering from her injury, Stephanie was faced with the heartbreak of her father’s cancer diagnosis. She remained by his side and shared the tools she had developed to provide a more peaceful transition. After his passing, she traveled to France and Spain where she lived in her tent in the mountains. This experience was transformative and she is passionate about supporting others on their own personal journeys.

Stephanie holds an MA in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology from Naropa University. She has a daily Vipassana meditation practice, is a Wilderness First Responder, and has trained with the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) for the MDMA-Assisted training program to be a Psychedelic Psychotherapist.

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