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Victoria Sterkin, PhD

Behavior Analyst

Victoria Sterkin, PhD

Victoria Sterkin, PhD is a behavior analyst focused on therapeutic learning with individuals, couples, families and organizations. Learners are given the skills and modalities to move through the world in a more conscious and functional way. There is a focus on safety, clarity, flexibility, play, collaboration, curiosity and sustainability to shift away from fragmentation and instead reinforce interpersonal and intrapersonal integration. Victoria’s directive is to dissect one’s patterns while comprehensively effecting change at the root. From there she and the Learner develop new ways of accessing resources and facilitating progress, such that positive emotion is woven into new behaviors, allowing old patterns to dissipate. She is recommended for anyone who not only needs to be heard but also understood.

Victoria spent over a decade in the field of education where she was teaching and conducting research as a behavior analyst. Victoria's basis for understanding human behavior stems from the behavioral science of learning but has since coupled with her deep interest in neurobiology, heartmath, the quantum realm and yogic traditions. She has worked with people of all ages, from babies to elders, of varied neurotypes, emotional needs including deep trauma and grief, addiction, and other medical (chronic and temporary) conditions. Victoria graduated from Teachers College, Columbia University with a PhD in Applied Behavior Analysis. She is a native New Yorker currently residing in Santa Cruz, CA with a private practice and consultancy.

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