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Rome Shadanloo

Rome Shadanloo  Psychedelic Therapist

Rome Shadanloo is a psychedelic therapist specializing in CPTSD and attachment injury. She studied holistic psychology and has a focus in psychoneuroimmunology working to ease chronic pain rooted in the emotional life of the mind. Rome’s practice includes the various modalities of internal family systems, reparenting work, quantum healing and she is a certified death doula. Her unique empathy for the individuality of each nervous system laid the ground for her practice which supports the healing of the individual not just from their psychology outward but through a fully embodied approach to the restoration of a healthy life. Her desire to be of service led her to a life in mental health and from an early age Rome found herself called to be in connection with those in struggle. Rome received a degree in holistic psychology from Lesley University and went on to do extensive work in the field in a variety of roles at Proposition 36 rehab facilities that specifically serve the incarcerated and formerly incarcerated, including on the spot counseling for those in urgent crisis.

Rome was born in Tehran, Iran and fled the tragic conflicts there for the US at the age of 3. Her family settled in Los Angeles where she currently resides and practices. She has a deep interest in the multi-faceted groundbreaking modalities that are currently changing the way we view and treat mental health. She works with people of all ages in various stages of need.

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