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For some the work is more in the sun

and for others, the work is more in the moon.

Benefits and Blends

Mushrooms flexibly interact with the nervous system, tailoring stress management effects to individual needs. Their role in processing stress and restoring equilibrium varies among individuals, yet common threads connect the profound effects of incorporating mushrooms into a wellness routine.

Microdosing is the practice of administering very small amounts of a substance in order to benefit from it in your daily life without undesired side effects. The dosages are usually sub perceptual meaning, microdosing on a protocol like ours should allow for more functionality not less. Results can vary. 

A microdosing protocol is known to create an easier day-to-day experience — silencing negative thinking, boosting energy, re-cultivating connection to the earth + life, by uncovering and forming a new relationship with aspects of our psyche that no longer serve us as is. A therapist-led protocol like ours, allows one to track these results, and have the luxury of support and guidance along the way.

What is 

Commitment to Healing

Mycology Psychology is deeply committed to healing with mushrooms. Our strains are boutique, unique, and unlike anything on the market. Our blends were created in Oaxaca, Mexico, hand-in-hand with a master mycologist, and have since evolved with feedback from the micro-dosing community; we offer an array of strain-specific blends developed to serve you as a whole. 

At Mycology Psychology we are committed and connected to the traditional roots of this practice; as well as constantly evolving from higher learning, innovation, and feedback. Weaving our own web and walking home. Our products reflect this deep devotion. 

“Get smarter every day by listening to your intuition, looking at the world with the eye of your forehead. Jump, dance, sing, so that you live happier. Heal yourself, with beautiful love, and always remember…you are the medicine.”

Maria Sabina – Mexican Curandera and Poet

You Are The Medicine

Our Strains

Our mushrooms are cultivated with pure love & healing intentions. We harvest when the mushrooms are still small and thriving, versus harvesting them when they have grown past the point of maximum potency. Our process uses only the “fruit” of the fungi and not the mycelium or grain. We grow for quality rather than quantity, making our boutique strains high in alkaloids.

Integration and Intention

Always keep in mind that the journey is yours, and what some experience, may not be necessarily the same experience for others. All of our blends yield results, it’s just about finding exactly what is right for you. Our practitioners are always here to help you select what protocol, and blend or blends are best for you. Although, within the safety of our expertly formulated microdoses— wherever you choose to start, there is no bad choice. All protocols work best when commitment and intention are involved, and through our interactive protocols, therapist guidance, support, and tools, we make it easier for the medicine to work for you and with you.

Golden Mind

An energizing, butterfly of a blend. Gently shifts one out of stuck feelings and into greater awareness. Creates a desire to engage with your environment - earth and home. Helps shift harmful narratives and soften inner critics so clarity can be gained.


A blend that allows you to turn the page when you are ready for the next chapter, but not quite ready to let go. Great for surfacing buried emotions and creating openings to examine wounds and shift narratives. Facilitates awareness around behavior patterns with compassion, and helps realign the mental flow. Letting the past go allows space for a healed self.


The full moon blend, a wise, embodying blend for the seeker. Allows for a feeling of connection and epic clarity. Helpful for releasing addictive tendencies and silencing anxiety. Creates space for examining patterns, and slowing down the thoughts. Work in peace and walk with magnetic actions.

Huachuma Heart Capsules

Huachuma, known as The Grandfather, is soothing and thought-provoking. It has a slower onset than our other blends, approximately 1.5 hours. Duration is also longer but more subtle, lasting 7-10 hours. Huachuma is gentle, sensual, and has a relaxing effect. It can be taken independently and also pairs well as an adjunct to any of our blends. Some people have also found Huachuma microdosing useful for treating the symptoms or even the underlying causes of depression, including experiencing a sense of peace and calm without the “numbness” of conventional antidepressant medications. In fact, it tends to have the opposite effect of actually sharpening the senses and enhancing mental clarity. Beyond cognitive effects, imperceptible doses have also been shown to act as anti-inflammatory agents. This is one of the ancient medicinal uses of Huachuma. A 2008 study concluded that it had “extraordinarily potent” anti-inflammatory effects, and a 2018 study found that psychedelics in general help regulate inflammatory pathways, which could prove therapeutic for a number of diseases, including asthma, atherosclerosis, inflammatory bowel disease, and retinal disease.

Blue Lotus Tincture

Blue lotus is a sacred herb of intuition, an opener of the third eye, and a gateway to the divine. Known for centuries as “The Flower of Enlightenment,” it connects us to all realms, which allows us to paint a fuller picture of life, situations, energies, and passion. Blue lotus grows in water and only emerges for bloom and harvest for three days per year, spending all its other time gathering nutrients, wisdom, and energy from the primordial waters it lives & thrives in. This not only makes blue lotus a plant of rebirth and metamorphosis, but its inherent fluidity allows one who communes with it to deeply connect with the above and the below simultaneously. Blue lotus is a nervine that can deeply relax and decompress the nervous system. This decompression allows a sense of embodiment and readiness. It holds a deep, meditative energy that shows us wisdom while enhancing our sentience, intuition, and third-eye function. Taking blue lotus before sleep can promote lucid and colorful dreaming; after all, it is a gateway to the divine, and sleep is an amazing time to download and transmute energy. Healing our past allows us to come back into ourselves. The blue lotus wants nothing more than to support + gently take you there. Our Blue Lotus tincture is distilled in organic alcohol, comes in a 2-ounce dropper bottle, and each serving is 2-3 droppers full - under the tongue for full effect. It is water soluble and can also be added to liquids.


A sweet, light blend with a fluffy energy that dusts off the heart. Allows a comfortable feeling when out in the world, and around people or while socializing. This blend can help remove stuck feelings. It gets you ready to create action, and helps you feel ready to live.


A touch of sun and a touch of moon. This blend adapts to the needs and neurons of the user and by having a balanced support for both energy and anxiousness. A grounded energy, it allows one to hold more compassion for the self and any emotions that surface.

Indigo Soul

Our first herbal blend microdose. A full albino mushroom blend crossed with a blue lotus flower, two parts each. Blue lotus is a sacred herb of intuition, an opener of the third eye, and is known as a gateway to the divine. Combining this potent herb with our deep and soulful albino mushrooms allows for a meditative, divine, and supportive experience. This blend allows for the deepest connection to the above and below simultaneously - a space where answers and ancestral healing possess the generosity for metamorphosis. This blend is a beautiful nightcap, allowing for lucid and healing dreams - and doubles as an amazing daytime dose - a tool to walk through the daylight in divinity. A beautiful way to bring the sacred mystery into our daily path and retrieve parts of ourselves we thought may have been lost.

(Amanita Muscaria Extract)

Derived from the Amanita Muscaria, the iconic red and white mushroom we are all familiar with, has always held the lore of magic. Our Amatincture was formulated to bring this healing mushroom, and its countless benefits to your daily life. The amanita mushroom does not contain psilocybin or psilocin — so it is not classified as a traditional psychedelic healing mushroom. Amanita Muscaria’s active most compounds are muscimol and ibotenic, making it more sedative and dreamlike, versus the neurostimulation caused by our psilocybin mushroom blends. The Amatincture can be a great starter or independent microdose; as well as a productive stacker to adjunct your current Mycology Psychology Protocol. The benefits of microdosing amanita can help with addiction (sugar, nicotine, alcohol), depression, seasonal depression, chronic stress, anxiety, migraines, arthritis, menstrual pain, and even allergies and eczema/psoriasis. Almost 90% of microdosers reported higher energy levels and an intention to keep on the protocol. Overall using amanita muscaria consistently leads to a better baseline - for stable emotional responses, buzzing creativity, and the ability to be present and full in your life. Amanita’s effects are gentle; heightened creativity, willingness to play, feelings of strength and independence, feelings of floating, highly visionary dreams when it is time for bed, and a great night's sleep. Clients have noted that with use before bed, the joy of waking to a new day is magnified, there is a reignited, budding feeling of excitement present in the morning. The effects are very dreamworld — trippy and colorful, yet light and easy — a tool to help us associate with joy and disassociate with struggle. ​Amanita can have both an immunomodulatory effect and/or enhance detox and drainage pathways in the body. If you have any existing health conditions, please consult with your Mycology Psychology practitioner before using. Tinctures are concentrated, liquid plant medicine, derived from a slow infusion of plant material in organic alcohol in order to extract the medicine. Both strengths of the Amatincture come in a 2-ounce dropper bottle with dosage information.

Our Blends

All Our Products Are:

Microdosing has been known to:

  • Support with grounding, feeling, and stabilizing emotions

  • Lessen reactivity to triggers and balance the mind/body connection

  • Disrupt negative patterns and curb addictive behaviors

  • Reduce obsessive thinking and mind-racing

  • Quiet repetative negative internal dialogue

  • Combat lethargy and sense of depletion

  • Enhance creativity, productivity and one’s flow state

  • Cultivate connection with one’s environment 

  • Strengthen one’s capacity to be more present

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