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Healing and Integration

What makes Mycology Psychology so unique?              

“They have the best blends and the best people!”


Our People: Mycology Psychology’s therapeutic practitioners support you every step of the way and bring their own incredible array of experience, skills, and healing modalities to your process. No matter where you are in your journey, we can meet you and move forward, together.

Our Blends: Our strains are boutique, unique, and unlike anything on the market! Our blends were created hand-in-hand with a master mycologist, and have since evolved with feedback from the micro-dosing community; we offer an array of strain-specific blends developed to serve you as a whole. Ancient wisdom meets modern practicality, and our expertly-formulated blends have been perfected as a wise ally in an ever-changing world.

We harvest when the mushrooms are still small and thriving, versus harvesting them when they have grown past the point of maximum potency. We grow for quality rather than quantity, making our boutique strains high in alkaloids. 


Our blends are organic, tested, and grown with love & integrity. Working with reciprocity and respect to the mycelium, yields a beautiful result we believe in deeply and cannot wait to share with you. You are the medicine, and we are here to help you remember that. Your journey awaits!

An image explaining why people are microdosing - for ADHD symptoms, healing brain trauma, addiction recovery, chronich anxiety, PTSD, emotion regulation, menopause symptoms, and help with depression
An image explaining what microdosing has done for people, including obsessive thinking, disconnection, overwhelm, rigidity, paralysis, and addictive behavior

If you are ready to start a micro-dosing protocol, please fill out our form by clicking below, and get prompted to book a free consultation with one of our practitioners. 

Interested in preserving the sacredness of the mushroom and pre-colonial times? Join us in our efforts to raise funds for Esperanza Mazateca.

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