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Arika Elordi

Psychedelic Practitioner, Death Doula, Integration Guide

Arika Elordi

In the enchanting saga of her life, magic flows like a river, weaving through the tapestry of Arika's existence. Arika is a devoted mother of six crumb crunchers, wielding her magic to orchestrate a symphony of laughter and love, turning the mundane into the extraordinary with her boundless spirit.

And beneath her gentle demeanor beats the heart of a warrior, a survivor of domestic abuse who reclaimed her sovereignty and light. Guided by courage, she embarked on a journey of self-discovery, becoming a psychedelic practitioner and yoga teacher, guiding others through the mystical realms of consciousness.

As a death doula, Arika whispers words of solace to those on the cusp of the unknown, embracing life's circle with grace and compassion. And as an integration coach, she helps others thread their experiences into a tapestry of empowerment and growth.

In her sanctuary, a retreat center she owns, and amidst the flickering flames of sacred ceremony, Arika facilitates transformative rituals, guiding souls on journeys of healing and self-realization. She founded Brutiful™ , a movement celebrating the beauty found within life's struggles, specializing in redesigning lives marred by domestic abuse, addiction, family trauma, divorce, and inner-child work.

With each sunrise, Arika dances to the rhythm of her own heartbeat, a beacon of hope and inspiration. In her light, others find the courage to rewrite their own stories, transforming their pain into power, and their scars into stars.

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