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Greg Allen Lang Jr

Lifestyle Design Coach | Psychedelic Integration Guide | Sacred Hunting Facilitator

Greg Allen Lang Jr

Greg Lang is a Lifestyle Design Coach, Psychedelic Integration Guide and Sacred Hunting Facilitator. A former Division 1 football player and US Army infantryman, Greg began his career in the film industry but after a series of personal challenges began to see that his path was out of alignment with his true calling. The core values of connection, freedom and growth then served as a north star on the journey into his next chapters of life.

After becoming sober from drugs and alcohol at the age of 30, he began a journey of self examination and exploration to support the healing and growth that was necessary for him to embark on a completely new chapter of service. He began his studies in spirituality, holistic wellness, plant medicine and biohacking, in order to find the mind, body and spirit optimization that would allow him to ultimately hold space for others and be in service to his community. Greg has created frameworks and practices that were born from the last 7 years of creating and living his vision that help his clients find clarity, self-actualization, empowerment and purpose.

Greg is currently practicing in Joshua Tree, California and serving others nationwide.

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