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Phoebe Conant

Microdosing Integration Coach, IFS Practitioner, Spiritual Teacher

Phoebe Conant

Phoebe is a Microdosing Integration Coach, Intuitive Healer, IFS Practitioner, Kundalini Yoga Teacher and Author of Medicine Notes: A comprehensive guidebook on how to microdose psychedelics safely and effectively to enhance and accelerate spiritual and personal growth. She is recently certified in Somatic EMDR to incorporate into her integration and coaching sessions.

With over 15 years of experience with personal development and plant medicines, she has helped hundreds of clients navigate their own microdosing experiences and spiritual awakenings.

She has spent the last six years studying, researching, writing, and channeling information around the energetics, philosophy, logistics and spirituality of microdosing which culminated in her book Medicine Notes and informs her microdosing teachings and 1:1 work with clients.

She specializes in addiction issues, anxiety, and working with highly sensitive people, empaths, new awakeners and those activating their psychic gifts and spiritual journeys.

Phoebe is a thought leader in the psychedelic space, pioneering the groundbreaking conversation and information around the energetics of microdosing and empowering microdosers and seekers with tools and teachings to navigate their own microdosing experiences, spiritual awakenings, and energetic activations.

She is passionate about helping people raise their vibration, work through blocks and uplevel with or without psychedelics.

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