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Mycology Psychology Protocol

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Our formulas are created to suit your individual needs. A protocol is built for you to provide support for your unique path. We are a community of like-minded practitioners with direct experiential knowledge of the benefits of a supplementary program. We bring years of research to you through a balanced integration of plant medicine and therapeutic follow-up with 

our counselors. 


Repeat for 3 months then pause for at least 2 weeks.

We recommend a 90 day protocol for a complete re-wiring.

“Get smarter every day by listening to your intuition, looking at the world with the eye of your forehead. Jump, dance, sing, so that you live happier. Heal yourself, with beautiful love, and always remember…you are in the medicine.”

Maria Sabina – Mexican Curandera and Poet




  • Complete our questionnaire. 

  • That will enable us to build a program unique to you and for us to be able to give you the support you need along the way. Your custom blend will be sent to you directly - and we begin! 

  • Take one capsule first thing in the morning with your beverages of choice, such as tea, juice, or coffee. If you require more capsules, your facilitator will help you with a customized program. 

  • Make sure to start on a day where demands are low, as sometimes it takes a moment to acclimate to the medicine. 

  • Your program is active for 30 days at a time with a recommendation of a 2 / 3-week pause every 90 days. After your first pause, you will enter phase two and need to complete a revised questionnaire as your needs may change. Your potential growth will affect the next stage of your protocol.

  • The 30 active days' initial protocol is based on the Stamets* Protocol (5/2) - five days on and two days off. These "rest" days are in place to prevent a buildup of tolerance. Mycology is unique as a supplement because it does not create dependency. You can stop treatment without secondary effects at any time. 

  • If you have chosen to utilize our therapeutic assistance, it is essential to follow up with your Mycology facilitator to ensure the support and integration of your program. We want you to feel the benefits of this medicine, and we are here for you!

  • After you have adjusted to the medicine and the day ahead has higher demands and a more significant amount of stress in store for you, you can increase your dosage and take 1 or 2 more capsules than your suggested protocol. 

  • Please store your capsules in a cool, dry place and avoid sunlight. Refrigerate for maximum preservation.




Every nervous system is different. Your response will be unique to your physiology and circumstance, which is why we recommend that for your first dose, you choose a relaxed day when you can opt to be at home.


We suggest you allow yourself the opportunity to become familiar with the effects it will have on your body, your perceptions, and your general state of mind. You may or may not feel energetically activated, and may or may not feel a much greater perceptual sensitivity. Your senses and perceptions are expanding! This is the medicine doing its work with and for you.


You will remain functional and your body will adjust.  Trust your nervous system to adapt to what it needs. This is an expanded state, and it may or may not feel like a departure from the everyday. We value this departure as an opportunity, through the lens of heightened sensitivity, for great healing.


We have become accustomed to a highly constricted, high-stress environment and rhythm in our day-to-day lives. This is the opening out of the repetition of that stress and constriction. If you are carrying a great deal of accumulated stress, you may feel tired during the first few days. We encourage you to rest and allow your body to adjust. It is also possible that you will feel energized, emotionally open and cognitively enhanced.


For new practitioners who have a lot of emotional content to integrate it is possible to feel a great rise in your emotions. In some cases, we could even characterize this as a manageable healing crisis. Your emotions may rise to the surface in a way that could feel overwhelming, and your perceptions of repressed feelings such as sadness, fear and anger may heighten. This is natural and normal! It is manageable healing and what is coming up is what is being released.


Your facilitating therapist is here to answer any and all questions in these sensitive moments. The important thing to know on this journey is that these secondary effects will subside. This is the medicine working with you. It is a method of healing that in its very essence does not suppress, but favors release: healing from the root.


Mycology works on a subtle energy level within the subtle body. It carries within it an intelligent spirit and design. It is important to develop your own relationship with this intelligence and to clarify why you are doing this work and what it is for. Your intention will be fundamental to this type of deep holistic healing.


Throughout your treatment, trust in the process, trust in the intelligence of the medicine and trust in yourself and what brought you here. Allow and observe. Most importantly, surrender. 


Mycology is cumulative and works on various layers within the nervous system.This may bring different effects at different stages of your program. Daily factors such as stress levels, physical energy and output, as well as emotional currents will always interact with your program. Allow and observe. This is an integrated healing process. Any changes are insights into your personal evolution. 

Eye and sun


  • Identifying your body’s needs and adapting, restoring balance to a frenzied nervous system 

  • Improving attention, concentration and creativity by generating greater oxygenation and blood supply to the brain allowing you to get into the flow state while facilitating a better response to  stress, this then allows for higher performance and focusing ability

  • Stimulating the neural and inter-hemispheric interconnection of the brain

  • Supporting therapeutic processes that facilitate greater self-observation

  • Opening new perspectives and a broader understanding of reality, supporting meditative  practices through increased levels of perception and enabling the release and integration of repressed emotions.


We benefit immensely from our programs when we can observe our own minds and how we bring our growth into our everyday lives. Some of the areas of our lives we may want to put special attention on throughout this process are: how we deal with stress, creativity, mental patterns, fears, limitations, personal relationships and empathy, experiences of joy, interconnectedness and expansion, energy level and overall stamina, focus and attention, self-observation, intuition, sexual drive and intimacy, perception, embodiment and meaning, and finally quality of sleep and dreams.


It’s important to understand that this medicine invites you to participate in the healing and growth process. Your observations and intentions are what allow the transformation. This treatment invites a greater connection with yourself. Many people find it beneficial to have a journal during the process to note their insights.


It is recommended to consult your practitioner if you are wanting to work with other plant medicines during the program. This is so there is clarity in the action of this specific mycology and your nervous system.

Keep in mind that the neuroplasticity available to you during your protocol is an opportunity to work with your relationship with other substances, such as cannabis, alcohol, nicotine, etc. It is safe to consume alcohol in moderation while on your protocol, although your motivation to do so may change. If you are consuming cannabis, it is recommended to take your Mycology Psychology blend beforehand, giving yourself time to experience the dose on its own before experiencing their interaction.

We have found no supportive studies to indicate that there are any contradictions with pharmacological medications outside of lithium.*


Here at Mycology Psychology, our team of scientists grow different varieties of mushrooms whose concentrations measure at almost twice the potency of the more widely available strains. Food, wine, tea, coffee, and even cannabis, now strive to be of the highest quality and the most artisanal versions of themselves. We see this from organic farming to the most sophisticated cultivation technologies in nearly every contemporary agricultural practice. Mycology is no different, and we are at the forefront of that development. Our proprietary blends are of the highest quality. 


Mycology Psychology is unique in that our therapeutic practitioners support you every step of the way. We have created medical-grade strains and blends that are unlike the mass-produced brands. Our blends are grown slowly and carefully by a master grower (mycologist). The controlled setting that we use optimizes the mushroom's purity, strength, and quality - using only the body or "fruit" of the fungi and not the mycelium. Why not the mycelium? Mycelium has a lower potency than the fruit body, and contains bacteria. 

We have 30 years of hands-on scientific research and experience in mycology under our belt . Our state-of-the-art controlled cultivating system utilizes only the highest quality substrate and sterile environmental conditions. Our finely-tuned, genetically engineered spliced spores come from around the world and contain unparalleled power and potency. Our proprietary blends are customized for specific needs that range from treatment of anxiety, depression, and addiction to increased focus, and performance. 

For full Frequently Asked Questions - please click here


  • How can I make the most of my program?
    It is important to thoroughly read the protocol page before starting your program as it offers insight you can take into your journey, and it can answer many of your questions. We recommend check-ins with one of our facilitating therapists. If you are not working with a therapist that supports, and is familiar with this process and integration, please reach out to your facilitator who can help you achieve a deeper level of healing on your journey. Journaling, meditating, and breathing can vastly improve your microdosing experience. Exercise and yoga are highly recommended to help move the energy through your body.
  • Will I experience visuals?
    This mycology is sub-hallucinatory, meaning no classic psychedelic effects.It is normal to feel heightened senses and emotions along with increased focus, awareness and energy.
  • Will this protocol cause dependency?
    These supplements will not cause dependency. You can stop at any time without consequence.
  • What does it mean if I feel sleepy?
    The mushrooms adapt to the specific needs of your body. If you are getting sleepy on the mushrooms they are asking you to rest as you have most likely been overexerting yourself. As we reconnect with our body we become aware of what it is communicating. Listen to it.
  • What does it mean if I get a headache, feel dizzy or feel pressure in my head?"
    This is the result of growing new neural pathways. Your brain is rewiring and sometimes this can cause some secondary effects. This reaction can sometimes occur in people with high levels of stress, long term repressed emotions, or gut imbalance.
  • Will I be functional enough to drive, or go to work while I am in my program?"
    Yes! In some cases it may take a day or two to get used to the medicine, but you should be fully functional.
  • Are there any people who should not be on this program?
    We currently do not recommend this for people who have been diagnosed with schizophrenia, or bipolar 1 and or on Lithium.
  • What if you are pregnant or breastfeeding?
    No studies have been done on these supplements while pregnant or while breastfeeding so we can’t recommend it. However, the program is great for the supporting partner!
  • What should I do if I have a headache from my supplements?
    This is a natural and common response to your adjustment to the medicine. We recommend an aspirin and continuing to hydrate. You are adapting!
  • When should I take my supplements?
    This is an important part of your process and the overall effects of your program. If your program is one capsule: Begin with one capsule 45 minutes before breakfast with your usual morning beverage, coffee, tea, or water. If you are highly sensitive then take your capsule with a very light breakfast. If you are less sensitive then take your capsule with some lemon water or glass of orange juice. If your program is two capsules: As above, begin with your first capsule 45 minutes before breakfast and then take your second capsule 45 minutes before lunch. If your program is three capsules: Follow as above, 45 minutes before breakfast and 45 minutes before lunch and then have your third capsule 2 hours following lunch.
  • How much does it cost?
    One 30-count bottle of protocol will cost between $135-$185, depending on dosage, and will carry you through 3-10 weeks, depending on your protocol. Your practitioner will be happy to explain this in more detail when you meet with them for your complimentary consultation.
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