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Take the Journey Pack Macro Dose to travel deep within yourself and find something, perhaps nothing, or maybe… EVERYTHING.

A micro dose works on a sub perceptual level and has a cumulative effect over time. This involves integration of insights on a daily basis, and is considered a therapeutic regimen that enhances personal performance/general well-being.

A macro dose is a larger psychoactive dose that alters perception on a grander scale. Offering more of a rapid shift in the perception of reality that can lead you to find wisdom by connecting yourself to a greater consciousness.



Each Journey Pack includes five (5) 500mg capsules.

Each capsule’s strength is 1.2% psilocybin per gram.

  1. Capsule = Low Dose (some psychedelic effects) great for hiking, enhancing situations, feeling giddy, gratitude and enhanced visual acuity. Also known as a “museum dose”.

  2. Capsules = Low To Moderate Dose (mild psychedelic effects) boosting creativity, insightful thought, enhanced empathy, introspection, and visual patterns.

  3. Capsules = Moderate To High Dose (moderate to intense psychedelic effects) body sensations, obvious fractal visuals, epiphanies, distorted sense of time, connecting to the world and yourself in a more meaningful way, possible dissolution of ego.

  4. Capsules = High Dose (intense psychedelic effects) For more experienced users, spiritual experiences, emotional breakthroughs, change in self concept, dissolution of ego, intense fractals, and hallucinations.

  5. Capsules = Heroic Dose (cosmic psychedelic effects) For psychonauts, mystical experiences, interconnectedness, transcendence of time and space, ineffability, change in perception of the world, opaque hallucinations, intense catharsis, primordial knowledge, dissolved sense of self, and ego death.

*Dosage results may vary

Each person reacts differently to any consumed substance, including psychoactive mushrooms. We encourage all beginners to start modestly and look to professional guides for assistance. Use your best judgement, and start with lower doses to calmly test the psychedelic waters before fully plunging into the cosmic deep end.


  • Fireside Project- Free, confidential emotional support during and after psychedelic experiences 1(623) 473-7433 : CLICK LINK 




Most pharmaceutical or commercial-grade “magic” mushrooms are derived from one of two strains - Penis Envy and/or Golden Teachers. Their psychoactive properties and potency typically measure at 0.5% psilocybin per gram, yet can vary as low as 0.2% due to variations in cultivation processes.

Here at Mycology Psychology our team of scientists grow 121 different varieties of psilocybin producing mushrooms whose concentrations measure at a consistent 1.2% per gram. This is

twice the concentrated amount of psilocybin per gram, providing consistent results every time.



  • 30 years of hands-on scientific research and mycology experience.

  • A state of the art controlled cultivating system, utilizing only the highest quality substrate and sterile environmental conditions.

  • Finely tuned genetically engineered spliced spores from around the world, with unparalleled power and potency.

  • Our proprietary blend contains Venus mushrooms. Venus is a hybrid strain our team has created using introspective Albino and an expansive Cubensis A+. This enables our spliced blend to be meditatively well balanced; hence, the name “Flow State”. Like different qualities of wine our proprietary blend supersedes the competition based on three key ingredients: experience, research, and science.


The most important elements to consider prior to commencing any psychedelic journey are your set and setting.


Set refers to your mindset - your state of mind and where you are at internally.


Setting refers to your environment - the environment you are in, and the people who you are with.


Open capsules and empty into warm water. Be mindful that the water is not too hot (not to exceed 104°F)  as it can kill the effect of the psilocybin.

We suggest adding some honey and ginger. To enhance the psilocybin you may add lemon.


For experienced users, Lemon Tek is a recommended means of ingestion.

Lemon Tek will concentrate, potentiate, and enhance the trip experience. It can also decrease nausea and body load. Be warned that this is not ideal for first time users.


Lemon Tek is achieved by letting your capsule’s contents soak in lemon juice prior to consumption. The Psilocybin powder must be fully immersed in lemon juice for 20-25 minutes, mixing it about every 5 minutes. Add warm water, and if you desire, honey. Enjoy!

Warning: If you have been taking lithium, are  bipolar, or have been diagnosed with schizophrenia. DO NOT take this medicine.

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