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Andrea Rábago, LMFT

Certified TRE Provider

Andrea Rábago, LMFT

“Human beings are powerful creatures even when we don’t feel this way inside. I have deep respect, through my own healing, for the biology of trauma energy. It’s a wellspring of potential. When we can ground our whole selves, we begin to liberate this energy, grow, & evolve into being fully human — into being an embodiment with great capacity for peace & love in the face of adversity, uncertainty, & suffering.” - Andrea Rábago

Andrea works with those who are ready to travel the sacred and mysterious path home to themselves. To sit with their natural abilities, to face their truths, and to feel the magnetism of their love.

She values timing and spiritual call for working with plant medicines, and guides as you arrange seasonal practices to assist your whole human organism into its natural, vital rhythms. Andrea believes being with the teachings of plant consciousness reminds us of our essential biological truths and connects us with our innate wisdom.

Currently, Andrea is based in Austin, Texas, serving as a licensed holistic therapy practitioner and certified TRE® provider. She teaches the globally renowned TRE® practice as a way for all to safely and playfully return to their body.

In her personal journey, Andrea battled with a series of autoimmune conditions and emotional wounding that prepared her for being a guide. She was raised in the hills of South Central Texas along the Frio river. It was here in this wild landscape, she awakened to the call to show up professionally. After completing higher education she began serving her human community in 2014.

She walks and works alongside individuals that –like her– seek perspective to find meaning in joy & suffering, and to feel love & peace. She believes everyone is a wise and sacred healer. Andrea is ready to meet you where you are & begin.

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