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Tiffany Marie Chandler

Somatic Therapy/Somatic Experiencing Practitioner

Tiffany Marie Chandler

Tiffany is a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner which is a body-based trauma resolution therapy that heals patterns of tension and disconnection by restoring healthy nervous system regulation.  She has studied Indo-Tibetan science practices and Buddhist Psychology extensively, having completed a 4-year training through the Nalanda Institute as well as a 2-year training in Contemplative Studies. Tiffany believes that by reconnecting with the intelligence of the body one is able to restore the natural wisdom we carry to move toward healing and wholeness.

Tiffany creates a nurturing and grounded space where she encourages her clients to approach healing with a deep curiosity. She hopes to explore the full range of what it means to be human, addressing not only our pain and wounds, but also developing a greater embodiment of joy, enthusiasm, and satisfaction.

Tiffany currently resides in Brooklyn, New York where she teaches yoga and has a private somatic therapy practice. She is a seasoned yoga and meditation instructor, working stateside and abroad, and facilitates yearly teacher training programs integrating yogic philosophy and trauma literacy.

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