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Wendy Lieber

Psychedelic Integration Coach

Wendy Lieber

Wendy is a psychedelic integration/psycho-spiritual coach and entheogenic guide. She is also a certified IAKP kambo provider and kambo teacher as well as a death doula, sound healing practitioner, breathwork facilitator, & yoga instructor. Her many modalities allow her to create a unique space for integration and healing for those seeking to empower themselves to align with their own natural state of wellness.

Wendy strives to create a safe, loving, and compassionate space enabling one to open their perception beyond limiting programming and belief structures. Her methodology enables personal growth allowing for wellness, balance, joy and connection with the higher self & one’s personal divinity. She is dedicated to this as the creation of a path forward towards deep fulfillment.

Wendy is located in New York City and available for consultations

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