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Welcome 2022! After two life changing years on planet earth the collective may finally be adjusting to the reality that we do not know what lays ahead. We live in uncertainty, and anything else is an illusion. As we grapple to see our lives in their deepest truths is it any coincidence that psychedelics have emerged as the dominant aid to a world in transition? We must take an honest look at our society and see that the mental health crisis is affecting us at the gross and the most subtle levels of our lives and relationships. The true beauty of a microdosing protocol is that it can benefit both ends of that spectrum as well as those who are interested in bettering themselves from the inside out. With the availability of microdosing we are able to tap into the benefits of this medicine in a highly manageable everyday routine. We will be revisiting this topic all month so stay tuned for more and sign up for our newsletters!


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Expansive 75 mg is intended as a tool to both support the craving by creating new sensations of embodiment while giving you room to observe the addictive pattern and respond to it differently.

We recommend starting with 3 x 75mg capsules a day: morning / afternoon / evening if your addictive pattern typically persists throughout the day. Expansive 75 mg can be taken up to 5 x a day starting 30 min before your typical first addicted behavior of the day.

“I usually take my first puff at 11am so I’m going to take my first capsule at 10:30am.

We usually have a 30 second window before we go into habit. In this 30 second window Expansive helps to support the heart and give opportunity to regulate your emotional need with new tools and a revived consciousness. This gives us room to slow down and find choices instead of falling into quick-paced reactive impulses.

Addictions are typically created in response to a deeply rooted pattern associated with the emotional coping of pain. Microdosing is a beautiful way to be supported not only in the shaping of new behaviors, but also in supporting the heart to understand the root cause of the addiction. We can then soften the way these memories are experienced in your nervous system.

We highly recommend working with a therapist to support you through this protocol. We also strongly suggest safely detoxing under supervision depending on the type of addiction we are moving through.


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Why so Magic??

The timeless catchphrase of the “magic mushroom” has been in our cultural lexicon for decades, but why so magic? It’s not just their psychedelic properties but all the incredible combination of qualities that our brain is just waiting to receive. Our practitioners have gathered some highlights for your journey ahead! We wish you deep healing!

BETTER ANTIDEPRESSANT Works for treatment-resistant depression INCREASES CREATIVITY Boosts divergent & convergent thinking KILLS EGO Changes glutamate impacting the distortion of self-experience EXTRAVERSION & OPENNESS Stil')lulates pro-social behaviors and openness to new Ideas DEVELOPS EMPATHY Improves reaction to emotion. and concern for others' emotions ANTI-ANXIETY Decreases the activity of the amygdala limiting anxiety BOOSTS BRAIN PLASTICITY Increases emotional & brain plasticity and adaptability FIGHTS NEGATIVY Changes the processing of negative emotions MORAL SUPPORT Lowers hopelessness in people with serious disease MYSTICAL EXPERIENCE Improves gratitude. life meaning & purpose. Connectedness



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