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Welcome 2022! After two life changing years on planet earth the collective may finally be adjusting to the reality that we do not know what lays ahead. We live in uncertainty, and anything else is an illusion. As we grapple to see our lives in their deepest truths is it any coincidence that psychedelics have emerged as the dominant aid to a world in transition? We must take an honest look at our society and see that the mental health crisis is affecting us at the gross and the most subtle levels of our lives and relationships. The true beauty of a microdosing protocol is that it can benefit both ends of that spectrum as well as those who are interested in bettering themselves from the inside out. With the availability of microdosing we are able to tap into the benefits of this medicine in a highly manageable everyday routine. We will be revisiting this topic all month so stay tuned for more and sign up for our newsletters!


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