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"Everything passes on and everything remains..

But our lot is to pass on,
to go on making paths,
paths across the sea.
Traveler, your footprints
are the path and nothing more;
Traveler, there is no path,
the path is made by walking.”
​​​​​​-Antonio Machado

Hello friends. This is our second newsletter, our sophomore greeting to you, our beloved community. We cannot believe how quickly we are growing, how many more of you are walking with us now. Welcome. It has and will always be our commitment to you that we bring you the best medicine available, that we have a backbone of therapeutic support for you at all times, and that together we can build a community to accompany us

all into this new world.

This is a truly revolutionary time. The pandemic has birthed us anew and it is only in the darkest of times that the brightest light can shine.

How could light be so brilliant without the contrast of the dark? Is it no wonder that so many of you have chosen a radical new approach to your own inner revolutions- to your own healing?

We are witnessing the rise of the collective into a new paradigm, but we do not have a direct path to follow. This is a quality that may even feel familiar to you on a personal, experiential, and day to day level. We are inhabiting the unknown, there is no path, the path is made by walking. Let’s put one foot in front of the other and forge that path together.

Our work: the use of mycology for personal healing and expansion is a deep communing with nature. It is the deepest way we can speak with the natural world:

to ingest a plant that fits into our neurotransmitters so perfectly as to effect a direct consciousness change that is not just progressive but transcendent. It is in this space that our personal transformations are birthed and the paradigm shifts.

With the winds of collective change in our wings, we have some exciting community building activities coming up. We will be exploring a training initiative for practitioners eager to incorporate this medicine not just into their healing, but to become healers themselves who can bring this out to the world with us.

We are in the midst of crafting a curriculum and training program conceived of and spearheaded by our gifted healers along with their teachers. This is an exciting new beginning for us too so please stay tuned as this will propel us into a new chapter. We want to bring this healing to as many as possible and we can only do that with you! We hope you will join us.

We also have a new very effective Feedback Survey!

This was sent to everyone who opted into that program but we cannot tell you how helpful these questions are for your journey! They were crafted specifically for you to organize your thoughts and we find them helpful when we need to sort through the changes that may arise in the nervous system as progress with our individual protocols.

We love these questions and some of our team members even use them for their personal journal prompts. Have fun with them. Please reach out if you’d like to have that sent your way.

And finally, we have entered fall, a season of change, a season of natural death.

For those of you on the East Coast you can see the leaves falling rapidly now. They’ve changed their colors and now they fall to their death. But what of the trunk of the tree? It does not fall. It does not waver. It is strong, it is gathering nutrients, fortifying itself for the winter ahead. And this is us, we move through this season of change and we fortify ourselves. We gather nutrients, we heal, and we shed the old for all the new life to come. We are evolving together. We wish you deep healing!

“Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed unless it is faced”

​​​​​​-James Baldwin


Contact me for any questions or suggestions

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