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Hello friends. We hope this email finds you well and moving through all of the evolution we know you must be experiencing. We wanted to shine a light on an aspect of this transformative process that we think bears repeating and that deserves more attention, very simply: play. Mozart was once described as too simple for children and too complicated for adults, and if there ever was a truth to what we forget as adults that is it, we forget to play. We lose our childlike sense of wonderment, awe, and playfulness.

A microdose protocol can restore this. Your experience with your microdose can help you to step out of the restrictive boundaries that adulthood can bring. Does this mean we abandon our responsibilities and all of the hard won lessons that make us who we are? Of course not. It means that we remember joy. We remember that inexplicable quality that wells up inside us, inspired by beauty and the mystery of why we are here. Your creativity, your recognition of joy, your ability to be playful, your humor, these are our qualities that take a hit when we are in the grind. When we are paying the bills, raising the kids, getting dinner to the table and then the car breaks down, these are our qualities that seem impossible to hold onto in those moments.

Our microdose experiences restore and enhance what we tend to lose as adults. How do we know this? You’ve been telling us!! Our clients are telling us exactly what we as practitioners are also experiencing. So many of you have been kind enough to give us some more of your time and express this in your check-ins, or in the online surveys and what we are seeing is so incredible, here we are dedicating the newsletter to it! On average, from 1-10, your access to a renewed sense of playfulness is at 7. You started at 4. Wow. Your access to your creativity and wonderment is also right there on average at an 8, and you also started at 4. Your access to deep joy is even higher. This is working.

Will your microdosing protocol evade an excavation of some darker feelings? No it may not, and it probably should not, because when we cross the threshold of those difficult doorways of ourselves, the joy on the other side is profound. Your ability to play and enjoy these precious moments we have is right there at your fingertips.

The psychedelic revolution we are living through is indeed a revolution. We are clearly all participants. We are grateful, but we don’t want to lose our playfulness, our wonderment, and our joy in a sea of lab coats either. Big pharma, big business, big money, whoever you want to look to is also here for this moment, so let’s keep our eyes to our joy, and our personal evolution. We’re family here at Mycology Psychology and as always, we are your copilots on this journey, but….as ever, you are the medicine. Go play.

Your experiences are part of our collective growth. If you feel called to contribute, please join us with some feedback including helpful integrative exercises to enhance the repatterning!


Contact me for any questions or suggestions


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